Tips for Playing Golf in the Winter Months

Golf is a great sport to play year round (as weather allows), but playing in the winter weather can present many challenges. Golfers who want to stay in shape during the cold months have to adjust their game accordingly. Here are some tips for playing golf in the winter weather.


The most important tip for playing golf in the winter is to come prepared. The weather is unpredictable and you never know what you might end up needing. One way to stay prepared is by dressing appropriately for the weather. Your top priority should be staying warm. If you’re cold and stiff while golfing, you won’t be able to swing well, and it will affect your game and the way you play. To stay warm, wear multiple layers so you are able to remove or add clothing throughout the day. Avoid wearing big jackets or coats because they will get in the way of your swing. Start with a long sleeve undershirt, add your polo on top, then add a vest or sweater, and a jacket. For layering your bottom half, try wearing leggings or thermals under your pants. Another great tip is to wear thick socks, golf gloves, and waterproof golf shoes. Other things you should always keep with you are an extra pair of gloves, an umbrella, and hand warmers just in case.


It’s important to stretch and exercise before playing, especially in the winter because your muscles tighten when it’s cold out. Golf requires a lot of bending and twisting, so when you swing, you could get injured if you haven’t stretched yet. If you have the extra time, start by warming up at the range before you hit the first tee.


Although it might not seem ideal, walking in the cold weather instead of driving a golf cart is better. Walking keeps your blood flowing, gets you moving, and will keep you warm.